Slammiversary, Honor for All, G1 Reviews, Matt Riddle to NXT (Episode 145)

Running Wild Podcast’s Rich and Runz bring you another episode of wrestling discussion, sharing their thoughts on all the latest in the world of professional wrestling.

On this episode of Running Wild Podcast, Rich and Runz share IMPACT Slammiversary, Honor for All and GL reviews, discussing how far IMPACT has come and the big news of Matt Riddle seemingly headed to WWE.

The guys go through the Slammiversary, ROH’s Honor for All event as well as the television tapings. Rich finally admits that he really enjoys Impact’s product, citing matches from the PPV, as well as the performers in the company-truly a day we thought we would never see! The guys breakdown the big moments from ROH Honor for All, discussing what it could mean going forward for Matt Taven, as well as Cody and the Bucks.

The two then delve into NJPW’s G1 tournament,  with Runz making some predictions and giving a detailed run down of the tounrament thus far.

Lastly, the guys talked about Matt Riddle’s signing to the WWE, as evidenced by his recent rash of cancellations, how soon he could appear at NXT and who might be sitting behind him, as he was behind Tyler Bate.

All that and much more on the Running Wild Podcast!


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