NJPW G1 Special Preview, ROH Best in the World Live Experience and More (Episode 143)

Running Wild Podcast’s Rich and Runz bring you another episode of wrestling discussion, sharing their thoughts on all the latest in the world of professional wrestling.

On this episode of Running Wild Podcast, Rich and Runz share their thoughts on the NJPW G1 Special and share about their experience at Best in the World, Rich from a commentary perspective and Runz from an in the stands perspective.

Rich was able to get an opportunity to join Spanish commentary for Ring of Honor’s Best in the World PPV and shares about his time in the booth. Runz was in attendance as well and the two discuss the new venue ROH used and the fallout from the event, including Jay Lethal’s title win the next night and how ROH used Honor Club effectively.

The two then delve into NJPW’s G1 Special, making predictions about every match and discussing the possibility of title changes as well King Haku being on the show, which made Rich’s heart flutter. All that and much more on the Running Wild Podcast!


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