Christopher Daniels Interview, Wrestle Kingdom 11, Styles Battle and FIP Reviews

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

Photo Credit: Ring of Honor

Running Wild Podcast’s Rich and Runz bring you another episode of wrestling discussion, sharing their thoughts on all the latest in the world of professional wrestling.

On this episode of Running Wild Podcast, Rich and Runz recap the biggest shows of last week: Wrestle Kingdom 11, Style Battle and Everything Burns, as well as interview the Ring General, Christopher Daniels!

The two go in depth in Wrestle Kingdom 11 review, breaking down the biggest moments of the show and make predictions for the wrestlers going forward, particularly Adam Cole and Ring of Honor.

They also review WWN’s newly reimagined properties, Style Battle and Full Impact Pro’s “Everything Burns” shows from this weekend, discussing some things that may not be suitable for minors! (Not really).

Rich was lucky enough to sit down with Christopher Daniels and talk wrestling, comics books and the upcoming Ring of Honor show emanating from Center Stage in Atlanta this weekend.

And of course they discuss their on going Glory Pro Wrestling ticket contest, with special instructions pertaining to entering the contest.

All that and more an yet another episode of Running Wild Podcast!


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