ROH Final Battle,WWE TLC Previews, Dalton Castle Interview


Running Wild Podcast’s Rich and Runz bring you another episode of wrestling discussion, sharing their thoughts on all the latest in the world of professional wrestling.

Rich and Runz preview ROH Final Battle, WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs and interview Dalton Castle!

On this episode of Running Wild Podcast, the guys run down Ring of Honor’s biggest event of the year, Final Battle. The two contemplate the impact of Cody Rhodes’s first appearance for the company, how the ROH World title match will play out as well as the crowing of the ROH Six Man Tag Team Championship tournament.

They also recap and review RAW and Smackdown, sharing their thoughts on the latest offerings from WWE programming and discuss their predictions for WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs.

Rich also was lucky enough to chat with Dalton Castle, discussing his grudge match with Colt Cabana, his favorite brunch spot, his love for bagels and his “musclely” physique.

All that and more an yet another episode of Running Wild Podcast!


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